In a perfect world……

by thisisrealnaturallife

We stood holding each other in an embrace that seemed last forever. It was a cool November night but I felt so warm snuggled in his arms. Neither one of us wanted to let go, ever really. We share an intense chemistry, a deep emotional connection. We understand one another perfectly and accept each other exactly as we are. In a perfect world we would have an amazing relationship. The kind that is wished for by many but acquired by few. But we do no live in a perfect world and after he lets me out of his arms, after he gets into his car and drives off, he goes back to his reality and I go back to mine. He has children with a woman he is not with but ultimately plans to marry and I am in the middle of a rather sticky situation with a man I am not with but hope to marry. We knew from the moment we met three years ago that we could not go any further than a fling, an affair of sorts. We went back and forth through the years but I think neither one of us expected to get as attached as we now were. We may not have went further in the technical sense but, in love, feelings and emotions are often beyond our control and carry complete disregard for “technicalities”. So there we were on a cool November night, unable to let go of something that we could never hold on to to begin with. If only we lived in a perfect world…..